Deputy Wildlife Conservation Officer Kevin R. Clouser
Pennsylvania Game Commission

Deputy Clouser is a 19-year veteran of the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Clouser is currently assigned to the Southwestern York County district. Clouser was previously assigned to the Northern York County district.

Deputy Clouser was born in York County, and is a graduate of the Northeastern High School. Clouser is married and has four children.

Deputy Clouser was nominated for the Pennsylvania Game Commission's Southeast Region Deputy of the Year Award.

In 2007, Deputy Clouser worked 487 hours, with the majority of the time being invested in law enforcement and service calls, including recovery of road killed deer. Clouser is part of the Commission's Deputy Wildlife Conservation Officer corps, a group of officers that must pay for their own firearms, vehicles, gas, and other miscellaneous items to perform their job. Clouser is provided with work clothing, and is paid $65.00 for each eight hours he worked for approximately three months of the year, volunteering his time for the vast majority of the year.

Clouser provided coverage to a portion of an adjoining district due to a manpower shortage in that district in 2007. He has issued numerous citations in 2007, all of which have concluded successfully.

Clouser has also assisted Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission and local park officers with enforcement of natural resource laws, and has successfully conducted several investigations regarding Federal Lacy Act violations from Maryland and five unlawful use of lights while hunting cases in 2007.

Clouser is involved in Hunter/Trapper Education classes, and solicits donations from his full time employer to support these classes. He also volunteers to serve at the Commission's booth at the York Outdoor show and coordinates the district's efforts for the Dover Outdoor Show, and is active in the county's Youth Field Day.

Clouser has answered many complaints of road-killed deer, and maintains a list of needy families in the district, ensuring that they receive a deer when one is available.

Clouser lives the Pennsylvania Game Commission, and has dedicated his life to the agendy.

Nominated by: Wildlife Conservation Officer Chad R. Eyler, Pennsylvania Game Commission

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